Site Services

With all the on-going discoveries of natural resources in Africa, the growing populations, the related infrastructural demands and the growing Global Market demand for the mineral resources and wealth that lies beneath the African soil, significant numbers of staff are generally required for each and every project, and each and every project needs ‘site services’.

`Without beds there are no projects. Without projects, there are no beds’. This is where we come in.

What are Site Services?

These are all the services and administration that support the clients critical path in order to execute their core business. It includes the integration of various services to accommodate the employee in a cost effective way, so that the employer achieves their overall goals for the project. 

Typically, remote mining and construction sites start off with a pilot camp usually consisting of tents or ‘flat-packs’ to start the early works. This will then progress to a full Construction Camp which is semi permanent in nature (usually consisting of reconfigured containers) and ending with an Operations Camp, which is a permanent construction.

De Kom Lodge

De Kom Lodge located in the heart of Wind Generation projects on the Komsberg Mountain range.

The Komsberhg Mountain range stretches east to west along the border of Northern Cape and Western Cape Provinces of South Africa

It lies North of the Moordenaars Karoo and forms part of an escarpment between the Roggeveld Mountains and the Nuweveld Mountains . the Komsberg Mountains is about 45 km long and stretches from Verlatenkloof Pass to near the Dwyka River Gorge

The Komsberg Lodge is self sufficient facility and provides full board and lodging for 150 people.

Aurora Farmstead

This Is a fully furnished and managed farmstead capable of supporting 20 guests on a full board and lodging basis.

The facility is located on the R354 between Matjiesfontein and Sutherland.

Thorn Tree Lodge

Thorn Tree Lodge is an upmarket MOSS compliant accommodation facility located within the Green Zone of the Aiden Adde International Airport, Mogadishu, Somalia.

Thorn Tree Lodge offers guests 24/7 armed guarded security within the perimeter of the complex as well as secure access control.

Our hospitality services include a fully equipped kitchen and dining room, gym, 20m swimming pool and laundry facility

All en-suite rooms are fully MOSS compliant and include a fridge, Cable TV and WiFi in the room.

Panafriel service offering includes Vehicle Hire, PSD protection and procurement solutions.

Click here to view Thorn Tree Lodge.

Project Risk due to Poor Site Services

If the employee lacks good accommodation, a poor base camp has an issue with food due to cultural, quality or religious reasons and little or no recreation, the result is a loss of productivity in the construction and project disciplines, often resulting in severely negative impacts on the critical path for the project. 

To cut to the chase, a bad camp affects all performance figures, hitting the project financially and severely impacting productivity. No company can afford to take a chance with poor Site Services, especially in addition to all the other challenges in Africa.

What we do

With our extensive experience on the African continent, we dramatically reduce your risk by providing several solutions tailored specifically for each client’s unique requirements. 

This involves one of the following

  • We build the camp, man it, service it and provide the supply line IT.
  • Client supplies the camp, we man it, service it, maintain it and supply line IT.
  • Client provides all the logistics and the camp and we then manage it on their behalf.

Panafriel Holdings offers the following services from these sites:

  • Procurement
  • Fuel
  • Waste removal
  • Equipment hire

Our Solutions

  • Provision of construction staff
  • Management of logistics and supply line
  • Accommodation / housekeeping
  • Kitchen and messing 
  • Laundry
  • Security 
  • Communication 
  • Fleet Management 
  • Fuel Management 
  • Materials control 
  • Portable water supply and sewage management 
  • Power generation 
  • Maintenance
  • Refuse management 
  • HR/ IR/Timekeeping 
  • Recreation services 
  • RR schedules and movement control 
  • Medical sick bay 
  • Personal protective equipment store 
  • Risk and ER Management 
  • Training 
  • PLR 
  • Local tribal liaison and community services 
  • Government department liaison, police, military, disaster management, labour, hospitals and finances