Challenges in Africa

Companies venturing into Africa need to focus on their core business if they are to be successful. More often than not, they do not have the luxury of time to get to understand the numerous Labour Laws, Health & Safety Laws, Procurement Rules & Regulations and all HR related requirements and legislation. 

This is why it is critical to find a First World HR solution partner that is already established in Africa. One that can effectively handle all the daily challenges around labour and allow you to focus on your core business.

What We Do

Recruitment & Selection

Whatever your labour resource requirements (be they permanent, contract, project or temporary in nature), we source Locals, Expats, Third Country Nationals and 1st World high level skills and follow rigorous recruitment & selection procedures. We ensure that you get the right staff, through the right processes for your specific needs, ensuring that we adhere to the country’s quota requirements and restrictions. 

We have several options including Taking over an Existing Workforce, doing Mass Recruitment drives, handling Advertising Campaigns for clients, local Recruitment drives and various Specialist recruitment solutions with relevant testing and assessments.

Contract Employment

Several solutions exist here depending on your specific requirements. We can place staff On a Client Contract (where the client remains the employer and we act as a Wage Bureau), or place staff on Our Own Contract (where we become employer In Country or Out of Country), or we can have staff On split Contracts (which is a combination of the two).

Payment & Invoicing

To ensure legality, statutory compliance, tax compliance, compliance with local employment rules and regulations and to ensure the most cost effective solution for the client, there are only a handful of options available when paying staff correctly and providing the consequent invoicing. 

It is therefore critical to assess and provide the right solution based on the following: Where the worker is being paid; What currency the worker is being paid in; Which entity is paying the worker; Which entity is billing the client; What currency is the client being billed in; What Statutory costs are payable and What Statutory benefits are applicable. 

We provide this service through our In Country and International payroll bureau solutions.

Ancillary Services

Amongst numerous other services, we also provide the following: Relevant registration in a country to provide the required service; Legalisation of Expats; In Country Support; Logistics and People Movement; FMS; knowledge of the way around a country; Political Contacts; Husbandry; Training; Procurement; Accommodation and Camp Management; Meals Supply; Dedicated In Country Help Desk; Work Visas; Meet and Greet Services and Project Labour Agreements (PLA).